Inserts Majik's blinking text script
Prompts for the two blinking colours
Replaces Blinking text

How to use it:  This is an interesting little script. It takes a phrase and causes it to blink. You will be prompted for the two colours that the text will alternate between. Again you’ll encounter the by now familiar Replace Dialog. Guess what you do? That’s right, put the word replace (it should already be there) into the Search For: field then enter the text you wish to have blink in the Replace With: field.

By default, this script centres the blinking text. If you with to have it aligned differently find the TEXT-ALIGN: center; section in the <div> tag and change the word center to left or right if desired.

You can also change the speed at which the text blinks.  To do that, find the following two lines in the code:

timerOne=setTimeout("blink_off()", 1000);

timerTwo=setTimeout("blink_on()", 1000);

By changing the number 1000, you can alter the speed at which the text blinks.  A lower number will result in a faster blink, a larger number results in a slower blink.

Please see the Customizing section to learn how to make these changes permanent if you so desire.