Inserts Majik's "breathing" text script
Prompts for colour of breathing text
Replaces breathing text

How to use it:  This script takes a text phrase and causes it to expand and contract as though it were inhaling and exhaling.

When you use it, you will be prompted for the colour of the affected text. Once again, this uses the Replace function. Make sure that the Search text reads replace, add your message in the Replace box.

If you wish, you can change the speed at which the text moves.  To do this, locate the following line of code: = setInterval('rubberBand()', 100);

By altering the 100 number at the end, you can change the speed at which the text will "breathe"  A lower number will result in faster breathing, a higher number will result in slower breathing.

Please see Customizing for instructions on how to make this change permanent.