Disappearing Comments:

The Disappearing Comment is not actually a feature of Arachnophilia itself, but rather is something I came up with to make my toolbars more user friendly.

As users of Version 2.0 of my toolbars know, certain scripts will insert a "disappearing comment". These are small little blurbs which appear ONLY in the OE compose window and provide any last minute instructions, or serve to mark the location of any items which might otherwise get deleted.

However, there was one problem with these comments in version 2.0 of the toolbars. Although, they worked beautifully in HTML, and disappeared when they should, if someone replied to your message in Plain Text, the comments would reappear and stay there for good. This always bothered me greatly.

With Version 3.0 of the toolbars however, this problem is a thing of the past. I have converted the comments from text to small images. This does add 1K to your message size, but when someone replies to your message and converts it to plain text - the image is removed. At worst it will become an attachment, but either way it will no longer display in the body of your message.

How to use them:  You don't.  When you load your stationery into OE, you will occasionally see something that looks like this:

o <-- Sound is there...

This is the disappearing comment.  It serves only to mark the location of the item in question (the small square) and to protect the script (located between the script and the <--) from accidental deletion.  You can just ignore this comment as it appears only in the Outlook Express Compose window.   It disappears as soon as you send the message.