Animate & Dynamin

Animate: Inserts code necessary for Dynamic Animation
Animate: Replaces Effect Name
Animate: Surrounds pre-existing text

Dynamin: Inserts Dynamic Animation Script

How to use it:  As you can see by the description above, these two buttons are flip sides of the same coin.  You can't use one without the other (well, technically you could but at best, nothing would happen, at worst you'd get a script error).

These buttons allow you to produce the following 14 effects:


As you saw in the example, you can use multiple effects in the same document.  To use it, first type the text that you wish to apply the effect to.  If using multiple effects, it is a good idea to put each bit of text to be animated on a different line in the code. 

Please note: these effects work best with text. If you wish to animate an image, only the first 9 effects work - the others either do nothing or cause a script error.

Once you have entered all the text you wish to have animated, highlight it and then press the Animate button.  The familiar Replace window will appear.  Since we have selected something first, the selected text appears in the Search For: window.   As you no doubt know, this is not what we want to search for, so just type "replace" in that window.   Now, in the Replace With: window, type the name of the animation Effect you wish to use.  When entering this effect name be careful to enter it exactly as I have it listed above - spelling and capitalization count.

After all text to be animated has an effect assigned to it, simply move the cursor to a blank line in the code and press the DynAmin button.  This button inserts the actual script that makes it all work.