Inserts a linked email button.
Prompts for button image
Replaces email address.

How to use it: This is a handy, quick way to insert a pre-linked e-mail button into stationery. When the Replace dialog box appears, make sure that the Search For: box contains the word "replace" (without the quotes, of course), then type your e-mail address into the Replace With: box. Then hit the Replace All button. Once the program notifies you that it has replaced the text, close the Replace dialog box.

By default, this email button is right aligned.

Note: don’t confuse this button with the Mail button on the Structural Toolbar as the two have quite different functions.


Presumably you know your own email address, and if you use this feature a lot you may get annoyed having to use the Replace feature everytime.  Wouldn't it be easier if it just knew your address?  You're right - it would. 

If you wish, you can alter this button to accomplish that.

The code for this option looks like this: 

<p><a href="mailto:replace"><img src="[macro:z]" border="0" align="right"></a></p>

To set it to always enter your address, simply change the mailto:replace section with your actual address. For example:  Also be sure to remove the [Replace] section at the end.

If you wish to have this function always enter the same button image, find the [macro:z] portion of the <img> tag and change that to reflect the actual path and filename of the image you wish to use.  I don't recommend making that particular change as it greatly reduces the flexibility of this feature.

If you wish to set it so that when a mouse is hovered over the button a message will pop up:  like this, all you have to do is add an alt="your message here" attribute to the <img> tag.

Finally, if you wish to change the alignment of the button to something other than right - find the section that reads align="right" and change the word right to either "center" or "left".

Please see the Customizing section for information on where to actually accomplish these changes and how to make them permanent.