Inserts Lefteris Haritou's scrolling fading text script
Prompts for Starting/Ending Colour, Transition Colour
Note:  This script was named "Scroll" in previous versions of the toolbars

How to use it:  This script superficially resembles an upwards marquee. However, there are major differences in that with this script each line of text scrolls individually. As well, as each line of text scrolls it undergoes a colour change.

When you insert this script, you will be asked to choose two colours. The first of which is the Starting/Ending colour. This is the colour that each line of text starts and finishes as. The second colour chosen is the Transition colour. Each line of text will slowly change from the Start/End colour to the transition colour and back again as it travels. 

A neat trick to use with this script is to set the Start/End colour to the same value as the background colour for the document, then your text will appear to fade in and out of the background as it travels.

To change the actual text of the scrolling message you will have to add it into the script. Find the following lines (somewhere near the top of the script):

message[0]='Type your message here'
message[1]='You can add more lines as needed'
message[2]='For best results keep each line short'
message[3]='Avoid using apostrophes'
message[4]='Have fun'

To insert your own message, you must change the text of these lines. If you need more lines feel free to add them in the format shown above, be sure to increment the number for each line you add.  Since the apostrophe character is being used to delimit the start and end point of each line, avoid using one in your message.

As you’ll notice if you read through the code, this script contains it's own style block. This style block is located at the end of the script and its only purpose is to set the font in which the scrolling message displays.  It reads:

<STYLE type=text/css>
P.main {
    font-family : Comic Sans Ms;
    font-size : 16pt;
    font-weight : bold;

Use this area to make changes to the font of the scrolling text. You can also use this script with an Embedded font.  Simply set the font-family to the name of the font that you have embedded.

Finally, there is one more thing you can do to customise this script. You can change the vertical location that the text starts scrolling from. In the last line of code for this script, find the section that reads: style="POSITION: absolute; TOP: 100px". By altering that value you can change where the text starts on the screen. A lower number will move the starting point upwards in the window. The opposite is true if you use a larger number.