Inserts <html> | </html> tags

How to use it: As noted above, this function inserts <html> & </html> tags into your current document. The | symbol above represents the position of the cursor once these tags have been inserted. If you insert them into an empty document, the cursor will be placed in the position indicated.

On the other hand, if you already have information entered on the page before you insert the <html> tags then you can take advantage of another feature of Arachnophilia, see Surrounding Tags for more details. Highlight the text to be surrounded by these tags (in the case of the html tags, that would be everything) by pressing Ctrl-A. Then click the HTML button. As you can see, the html tags have been added to the page, surrounding the previously existing text.

HTML tags are the most basic element of all html documents.  They tell the program reading the file that everything contained between the <html> and </html> are indeed html and should be interpreted as such.

All stationery files will require such tags.  However, please be aware that the Basic button described below will also add these tags to a document.  Be sure to read the section on that button to determine which option best fits your needs.

This button should be used in conjunction with the Head and Body buttons to create the structure of your document.