Inserts <img> tag
Prompts for image file

How to use it:  As I mentioned above, this inserts an image into your document. You will be prompted for the image file to use.  It is really quite straight-forward.  By default, images inserted this way are right aligned.  To change the alignment, simply find the Align="right" part of the tag and change the word "right" to either "left" or "center"

But what if you later change your mind (after previewing for example) and desire to use a different image. This is a very simple procedure. Simply position the cursor somewhere in the filename (of any image, whether it was inserted with this button or not) then Right-Click and you will be given the opportunity to pick another image.

Let’s say that you use the Email button to insert a pre-linked email button into your stationery, but after previewing you decide that you don’t like the button you have chosen. How do you change it? Find the <img> tag in question, then position the cursor by clicking within the filename and right-click.

Please be aware that this feature is sometimes confused by long filenames that contain a space. If you attempt this in a filename with a space and you have positioned the cursor to the left of the space, then when you right-click instead of being given the opportunity to pick a new image you will instead see the default right-click menu. The cursor must be positioned to the right of any spaces in the filename. For best results, always position the cursor within the file extension (.jpg, .gif, etc.).  See "Smart" Right-Click above for more details.

Please note that when an image is inserted by means of this button, it is automatically assigned a value of border="0". This is to make the image look cleaner when it is used as a link.

Also, please see Auto-Calculate for discussion of a "trick" to aid in setting margins using this button