Inserts <marquee> | </marquee> tags
Prompts for text colour

How to use it: This inserts a very basic marquee into your document. You will be prompted to pick a colour for the text of the marquee. By default, the scrolldelay is set to 100 and the width of the marquee is set to 100% as well, the marquee is set to loop indefinitely..

When this button is used, the cursor is conveniently placed between the <marquee> and </marquee> tags to make insertion of the text easy. You can also place an image within the marquee, see the page on marquees on my web site for further information.

An easy way to use this feature is to enter your text or images that you wish to use in the marquee first then highlight it and press the Marquee button. That will cause the marquee tags to appear surrounding the selected items.

You can easily alter the marquee to behave the way you like by using the Right-Click menu.


The code produced by this button looks like this.

<marquee style="color: #0000ff" scrolldelay="100" width="100%" loop="-1">|</marquee>

You are prompted for the colour of the text.  By default the width is set to 100% of the current window and the speed of the marquee is set to a scrolldelay of 100.   You can change any of these items to suit your needs. 

You may also change the number of times that the marquee repeats.  Find the loop="-1" section of the code, -1 specifies an infinite loop.  Simply change the number to specify the number of repeats that you wish, for example, loop="3" tells the marquee to run three times.

See Customising for information on how to make permanent changes to the toolbar options.