Inserts the PopUp Contact Information script
Replaces button text

How to use it:  This is a variation on something that I've used for a long time personally, it finally dawned upon me that other people might wish to use it as well.  When you use this it inserts a button into your stationery.  When people click on this button the will see a "pop up" contact information window.   This is an easy way to insert a lengthy signature into your stationery without taking up a lot or room on the screen.


Since the whole idea of this is to present your info to the reader there are obviously going to be things to customize.  In it's default configuration, this script will insert my contact information into your stationery - this is so you can see how it works - you will obviously want to change this to your own information.

So that you don't have to make this change each time you use this script, we're going to change what it says permanently.  To do this we need to open up the Keyboard Macro editor.  Press the Keyboard Macros button on the default Arach toolbar (2nd button from the left).

In the resulting window, press the > button (at the bottom) once to switch to Macro B.  You will now see the following code in the window:

<INPUT name="infobutton" TYPE="button" VALUE="replace">

<script language="VBScript">
nl = chr(13) & chr(10)

line1="You can reach me at:" & nl & nl
line2="sven@earthling.net" & nl
line3="crafty@bigfoot.com" & nl
line4="sven@zahadum.com" & nl & nl

message=line1 & line2 & line3 & line4 & line5

sub infobutton_OnClick
    msgbox message,,"Contact Information"   
end sub


The first thing you may wish to do is to decide on something that you always want the button created by this script to say.  By default, the text of the button itself can change each time you use this script - to change it so that it always uses the same text, find this line:

<INPUT name="infobutton" TYPE="button" VALUE="replace">

and change the Value attribute from replace to the text of your choice, for example "Click Me":

<INPUT name="infobutton" TYPE="button" VALUE="Click Me">

Now scroll to the bottom of the script and delete the line which reads: [Replace].  That change will allow you to always have the same button text.

The next change you will definitely wish to make is to insert your own information.  This is quite simple to do, simply find and change the information between the " "s in line1, line2, line3, etc.  You can add (or delete) as many lines as you need.  When entering your information be aware that the Info window is limited to 1024 characters - not that this'll likely be a problem...

You'll notice that at the end of each line there is a weird bit of code:  & nl, and sometimes & nl & nl.   This is the new line code.  You need one & nl for each new line you wish to leave after the current one.  So to create a paragraph break you would need two & nl & nl.

Next, you'll need to put your info together so that it can be displayed properly, this is the purpose of the message=line1 & line2 & line3 & line4 & line5 line, it concatenates your information back into a single string.  It's syntax is pretty obvious, just make sure that you add in all the lines you have actually used for your info.

Finally you may wish to alter the title of the popup window itself.  By default this window titles itself "Contact Information" but if you decide to use this to present something other than contact info then that title is going to look pretty silly.  Changing this is simple, just locate the following line:

    msgbox message,,"Contact Information"   

and alter the "Contact Information" so that it says what you wish.

Once all your changes have been made, it's time to save them and leave the Macro Editor.  Press Apply and then Hide in the Macro Editor and then just to make sure that Arach saves your changes, exit the program.