Homework Questions:

Try your hand at these exercises:

1. Create and save a completely empty HTML file in Arachnophilia.
2. Create some left border stationery with the margin set and a linked e-mail button.
3. Insert the OE4 sound embed script. Then change the sound selected.
4. Create a marquee that travels upward. The marquee should contain an image. Set the behaviour to Alternate and have it loop 5 times
5. Insert an image then place it into a table.
6. Create a linked e-mail button then surround it with document structural tags.
7. Try the Typewriter (or Quill) script. Be sure to make use of the novelty correction feature.
8. Create some watermarked left border stationery with a linked e-mail button, an embedded sound (OE 4 style) , and a blinking signature. Then add the status bar clock script.
9. Create simple top border (top border style option, not the top bord script) stationery. Then change the image used.
10. Create Right Border Stationery with an Embedded font, and a transitioning Sig button linked to your email address.  Use the Sample button to test the font.
11. Try the Dynamic Animation.  Use 5 (or more) different effects in the same message.
12. Embed a table Background.
13. Create stationery using the Blend script.  Use one image and text.
14. Create some "pulling out all the stops" stationery. Use the Scroll, Calend, Quote, Blink, and Transition scripts.
15. Create your own stationery and post it to a stationery newsgroup.