Absolute Position:

Allows you to exert fine control over the position of inserted items
Add this to existing <img> or other tags

How to use it:  As mentioned above, this option allows you to have very fine control over where certain items are located in your stationery, you can specify the exact pixel where something will appear.  For instance - if you have a non-background image that you would like to appear in a specific spot, then this is the option to use.

The code inserted by this option looks like this:

style="LEFT: 0px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 0px; Z-INDEX: 1"

As mentioned above, this is intended to be added to a pre-existing tag in your code, such as an <img> tag.  Simply create a space in the tag and then insert this option.  By default, both the left and top values are set to 0.  You can change these values to meet your needs.  Also, both values are set to Pixels, you may also change the units to a percentage for instance.

Finally, you'll also notice that the z-index is set to 1.  The z-index controls the "layer" on which the item in question will appear.  Think of stationery as a large transparent building seen from the top down.   The z-index tells OE what floor a certain item will appear on.  Most items in stationery are on the Ground floor or z-index of 0.  You may specify any "floor" you wish for items from 99 to -99.  Items with a positive z-index will appear above the "ground floor"  Items with a negative z-index will appear below it.