Inserts Tarsinge's Scrolling Background script
Note:  This script was named "Mover" in previous versions of the toolbars

How to use it:  This script causes the background image of a document to move around the screen.

By default, this script causes the background image of the document to move slowly from the bottom of the window vertically towards the top. You can change this and cause it to move in all sorts of interesting directions and speeds by playing with the following lines of the script:



In the second set of lines, changing the "+" sign to a "- " or vice versa in either line will cause the background to reverse direction along that axis. MoveItY controls the vertical movement, and MoveItX the horizontal direction. Additionally, by altering the number you can change the speed with which it moves in any direction. For example, changing the value of MoveItY from -1 to +5 causes the background to move very quickly from the top of the window towards the bottom.  Further, if we now change the value of MoveItX from +0 to +2, the background will now scroll from the Top left corner of the window towards the bottom right.

As you can see by the original value of MoveItX, setting either value to "0" causes it to stop moving in that direction altogether.

If you actually tried the short examples above, you no doubt noticed that setting either MoveItX or MoveItY to a positive value results in the background image ending and disappearing from the screen as it scrolls.  To get around this, when ever we want to use a positive value for those two lines, we will also need to adjust the first set of lines shown above.  As you can see, those two lines set the initial value of both MoveItX and MoveItY to 0.  If we change that value to something like -100000, then when the background scrolls in a "positive" direction it will not "run out".  Well, okay, it will still eventually run out, but by setting it to such a large number (note the number must be negative) we delay that by quite a while.

Again, this is only necessary when we have the direction going in a "positive" direction.  If you leave the script at it's default configuration, you do not need to ever worry about that.

Finally, one last thing to be aware of is, some of the style items on the Right-Click Menu can interfere with the operation of this script.  Those options which affect the placement of the background image (Border options and No Repeat option) can, in some configurations, cause this background scroll script to function oddly, or not at all.  If you are having problems with this script, be sure to check your style section for the possible culprit.