Inserts <img> tag in proper format for sound embedding
Prompts for sound file to be used

How to use it: as I mentioned above, this inserts a sound into your document. You will be prompted for the sound file to use.

Note: this inserts a sound in the format necessary for it to be embedded into an Outlook Express message. If you are using Arachnophilia to design a Web Page and want a background sound, do not use this button.

If you later decide to change to another sound file, you can alter it in the same way that you would pick another image.  Merely position the cursor (by clicking) within the filename (for best results, position it in the file extension), and then right-click. You will be given the opportunity to choose another sound file.

Please note - this inserts only the <img> tag necessary for sound embedding in Outlook Express 4.  It does not include the actual sound script. This button is intended for those who are writing their own scripts which make use of sound.  To insert a sound and the sound script for embedding in Outlook Express 4, please use the Sound 4 button instead. 

This button will be completely useless in Outlook Express 5 - users of that version may safely ignore it.