Using FrontPage:

The easy answer to this is don’t (now I feel like a hypocrite because I'm typing this in FrontPage).  What I mean is don't use either FrontPage98 or FrontPage Express in combination with Arach unless you know what you're doing.

Both FrontPage Express and FrontPage 98 will have problems with some of the code produced by my additions to Arachnophilia. There is nothing wrong with the code, the FP family of programs just don’t happen to like it.

In particular, the style information as done in Arachnophilia will be destroyed by FrontPage Express. The sound embedding scripts I’ve included in Arachnophilia have the potential to cause any FrontPage program to crash. I’ve tried to minimize that risk by including "bot" lines which hide that code from FrontPage, but the potential is still there. It is perfectly valid code and it works in both Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, but FP & FPE really don’t like it.

Additionally the way that Arachnophilia creates pathnames to images and sounds can confuse FrontPage especially if you haven’t saved the file, but have cut and pasted the code into a FrontPage program. Once the file is saved, however FrontPage should be able to locate the image and sound files used if you open the HTML file in FrontPage. Be sure to read the FrontPage section in Arachnophilia help for further information.