Bugs, Fixes & Other Issues:

One final note, I've taken every reasonable precaution to ensure that my toolbars are bug free, but you never know, bugs have a way of creeping in when you aren't looking.   If you think you've found a bug, let me know about it.

Bugs & Fixes:

Installation Browse Bug: There's a bug which occurs during installation if you browse for the folder to install the toolbars into. It appends your browse folder to the default already listed - so browsing in my case results in an install path of:

d:\Program Files\arachnophilia\PROGRAM\toolbars\arachnophilia\Program\toolbars

instead of:

d:\Program Files\arachnophilia\Program\toolbars

I don't think this one is my fault, but a bug in the install program itself. When installing, if you need to install to a non-default location just manually type in the path - do not browse.

Upgrade Bug:  In rare instances it seems that if you upgrade to a newer version of my Arach toolbars over an older version then the keymacros.txt file doesn't get updated, even though it is supposed to always overwrite this file. This is an extremely rare bug as I only have a couple documented cases of it and I was unable to reproduce it here. I'm not sure what's going on there, but the fix is to uninstall the toolbars via Control Panel - Add\Remove and then reinstall them.

Erased Macro Bug:  Occasionally you may encounter a situation where my Custom Arachnophilia toolbars mysteriously stop working.  This is caused by a bug in Arachnophilia itself. What happens is everytime you close Arach, it resaves the keymacros.txt file to update any changes you may have made to it.  Normally this works seamlessly - however if you happen to have more than one copy of Arachnophilia open at once, when you close them, the program gets confused and gives you a dialog box reporting:  The Macro file has changed. Do you wish to save the current version? Press Yes to save Press No to retain the old copy.

If you see this dialog box, what ever you do, DO NOT HIT YES. This will save the new version of the macro file which is inevitably an empty file. In other words, it'll erase one of the most important files used by my toolbars.  If you attempt to use my toolbars and discover that the buttons in the middle stationery toolbar don't do anything, then your macro file has been erased. The fix for this is to uninstall the toolbars and reinstall."

Crash on Preview Bug:  When Arachnophilia consistently crashes when you try to preview your work, chances are your installation has become corrupt somehow. The fix for this is to re-install Arach.Return to the Arach home page at http://www.arachnoid.com/arachnophilia/ and download the Full version. Install it over top of your previous installation, then re-install my toolbars.


Other Issues:

Just before I go, here are a few "known issues" that aren't exactly bugs, but could cause you some problems if you were unaware of them:

Insert | Text From File:  This issue affects how you use the documents you create in Arach. As I've already mentioned, when you create a document in Arach and you insert other files into that stationery (such as images), Arach only saves a relative pathname to that file.  If you are intending this file to be used for quick addition into OE via Insert | Text from file, you will run into problems as OE won't know where the files are.  Anything you create with this in mind, please edit the path names to specify the full path.

Save As...:  Arach sometimes has troubles with the Save As command.  If you Save As and pick an already existing file to save over, although Arach will prompt you "Are you Sure" and appear to save the file, it actually doesn't save.  Be sure to use a new filename whenever you Save As.

Fade Script & Margins:  I'm not quite sure about this one yet.  It appears that when you're using the Fade script if your margins are set too wide that the Fading/Scrolling text will not appear.  If you are having troubles with the Fade script, try adjusting your margins

Apply Stationery: This problem that sometimes occurs has nothing to do with Arach.  It is a limitation of how Outlook Express works.  If you attempt to load stationery by using Format | Apply stationery, you will lose all added scripts, images, sounds, etc.  The only proper way to load stationery in Outlook Express is through the Compose Message Using | More Stationery option (or the corresponding toolbar buttons).

That's it for now - Happy Stationery Creating...