Inserts <a href="http://www.example.com"> | </a>
Replaces URL

How to use it: This is similar to the Mail button except that it inserts a link to a web page. When this button is pressed, it also starts the Search / Replace dialog. Once again make sure that the word replace is in the Search For: field, then enter that portion of the URL that follows http:// in the Replace with: field. That is, if the address you wish to link to is http://www.example.com then enter www.example.com into the Replace with: field.  Please see the Replace section for further details.

This button is most useful when used to contain a previously inserted element such as an image. That is, if you have an image on the page that you wish to link to a web-site, first select it and then press the Web button.  The link will be created surrounding the image selected.


Presumably you will be using this feature to link to your own site and you know your own URL. If you use this feature a lot you may get annoyed having to use the Replace feature everytime.  Wouldn't it be easier if it just knew your address?  You're right - it would. 

If you wish, you can alter this button to accomplish that.

The code for this option looks like this:  <a href="http://replace"> | </a> [Replace].   To set it to always enter your URL, simply change the http://replace section with your actual address. For example: http://members.tripod.com/servais/.  Also be sure to remove the [Replace] section at the end.

Please see the Customizing section for information on where to actually accomplish this change and how to make it permanent.