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new1.gif (116 bytes)July 2003, Quick Update: Despite appearances I've not completely abandoned this site.  I'm currently hard at work on some new content for it - basically I plan to rewrite this from scratch and hopefully relaunch in a while with a whole new look and some new areas of the site as well.  No ETA, it gets done when it's done but I am working on it and that's something at least...

Anyone subscribed to the newsletter and wondering why they never get one - that's because I haven't been writing them, those'll resume once I have something to write about. LOL but after 5 years, I FINALLY have the 'subscribe' button spelled correctly...

Seeing as how I got incredibly far behind on the Retrospect (sorry 'bout that - real life got more important...), Ted Brewer and I discussed its fate, and while we initially decided to let it die, a few weeks later he changed his mind about it and so... it's back, you can find it  under "old" management at its new home: http://www.theob2.com/retrospect.htm 

One other note, since I last updated my Arach toolbars, Arachnophilia has been completely rewritten in Java, I have no idea if the old toolbars will work in the new one (someone drop me a line if they do).  I'll look into rewriting those for the new Arach (if it's possible) someday (after the relaunch). In the meantime if they don't work with Arach 5 and you really want the toolbars you can still find a link to Arach 4 at: http://www.arachnoid.com/arachnophilia

If you do that, remember I actually wrote those toolbars for Arach 3 and with the release of Arachnophilia 4.0, the install folder for the toolbars has changed to Arachnophilia\Toolbars.

That's it for now, if you have requests of what you'd like to see on the site when it's relaunched let me know...


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