Inserts a clock that runs in the body of the message
Prompts for colour of clock text
Includes Disappearing Comment

How to use it: Unlike the calend script, this one produces a clock that runs in the body of the message. This script produces only the clock, no month or day information are included. You will be prompted for the colour of the clock text when you use this.

As with all scripts, this does not function in the Outlook Express Compose window, so I have added one of my disappearing comments to it to mark the location the clock will occupy when the message is sent.

You can change several things about how this clock looks by altering the following line of the code:

<div align="center" id="Clock" style="COLOR: #ffffff; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana; FONT-SIZE: 40px"> &nbsp; </div>

By default, the text of the clock is centred. If you wish to change it, change the align="center" to align= "left" or align="right" if you wish. Also, please be aware that this script does respect any margins that you may have set in the style section of your document, thus the clock will appear centred with respect to your margins.

As you already know if you change your mind about the colour of the text, you can click to position the cursor within the colour code and then right-click to pick a new colour.

The font that the clock displays in is pre-set to Verdana, you can change this to another font simply by replacing the word Verdana with the name of another font such as Arial. Finally, the size of the clock text has been set to 40 pixels, change this to a different number if desired.

Please see the Customizing section for information on how to make these changes permanent if you should desire to do so.