Combining Scripts:

As users of version 1.0 of these toolbars can attest, using multiple scripts in combination was a pain. It involved much cutting and pasting and even some script editing to get everything to where it needed to be to ensure that all the scripts work properly.

I was never very satisfied with that, so for version 2.0 I resolved to find a way to make it easier. As users of that version will confirm - the method I devised of combining various scripts was much easier.  However I was still not satisfied.

Thus, for version 3.0 I have come up with yet another way to handle using certain scripts in combination.  This method is called "Don't Worry About It".   That's right, I spent some more time tweaking each of the scripts in question and I think I finally have all the obstacles overcome

Now to use certain scripts in combination there is nothing special you need to do - just insert the script you choose and get on with it.  No more cutting & pasting, no more doing things in a certain order, and definitely no more scripts that you need to write.

Since it was no longer necessary I have removed the Start button from the toolbars.