Inserts Tarsinge l’homme Zan’s Quill script
Prompts for Document background picture, and Background Music
Replaces font
Includes Disappearing Comment

How to use it: This is another variant on Tarsinge's incredible Typewriter script. Instead of the text being "Typed" by a Red cursor line accompanied by a clicking typewriter sound, in the Quill variant the cursor is a Quill pen which gives the appearance of writing the text of your message - particularly in conjunction with the scratchy quill sound.  This script is actually a complete stationery within itself, thus it is inadvisable to use it in conjunction with other things. 

When you click the Quill button you will first be prompted for a background image to use for the stationery. Once you pick that you will be prompted for Background Music for your stationery.

As with the Typewriter script, you are not prompted for the "quill" sound to use.  I provide this sound and it is inserted automatically when you use this script.   Unlike the typewriter variant, this script includes no Monogram image.

Finally, the Replace dialog will appear. Once again, be sure that the Search For: field contains the word replace. In the Replace With: field enter the name of the font that you wish to have the quill write in, for Example; Arial (although a "script" type font would work better with this script).  You can use this script in conjunction with an Embedded font, in which case, just type the name of the embedded font into the replace box.

If you wish, you can forgo adding one or more of those items, the Background Image or Background Sound for instance.  To skip any item, just press Cancel when Arach prompts you for it.  The script will still function without these items.  Please be aware that if you choose to do this, when you actually send a message written on this stationery that Outlook Express will Display a warning "One or more Pictures could not be found..."  Just ignore this warning, it'll still work fine.

The last thing you need to do with this script is actually enter the text that the script will type, you do this  directly in OE's compose window. All the instructions you need will be right there on the screen when you load up this stationery, just follow them and you won't have a problem.  As you'll notice, I've also used my disappearing comments extensively with this script.  They will mark the placement of all the items inserted into this script so that you don't accidentally delete them.

One of the niftier features of this script is the novelty "correction" feature. To make use of this, intentionally misspell a word as you type the message. When you reach the end of the misspelled text type the ` (key to the left of the one) once for each space that you wish to have the script backspace, then type the proper letters to make the word spelled correctly.

Example: This is spellt rong``````ed wrong. When the script encounters this phrase it will type "spellt rong" letter by letter, backspace six places, then type "ed wrong" so that the final result reads: This is spelled wrong. This is a very interesting effect, but one that could quickly become annoying if overused.

Finally, if you are using OE 5 please be aware the none of the sounds in this script will work because of changes in the way that OE5 embeds sounds.