Right-Click Menu:

Rather than full scripts or tags as are inserted by the toolbars, the items on the Right-Click Menu are tag attributes that you can add to customize the scripts and tags inserted by the various toolbar buttons.  It also contains many items that you can add to the Style section of the document to affect the placement of various items as well as the overall presentation of the stationery as a whole.

As I just mentioned, the Right-Click Menu contains many items that you can add to the Style section of the document to customize the layout of your stationery. Using these features will assist you in creating the block level style sheet necessary for people to take advantage of the Outlook Express features: Save As Stationery and Apply Stationery.

To add one of these items to your document, position the cursor within the style section of the document, by clicking anywhere between the { and } characters which are in turn located between the <style> and </style> tags at the top of the document. Once the cursor is in place, right-click and pick the appropriate feature. I have coded a carriage return into each "style" item to facilitate the insertion of multiple items. To make style section easier to read and understand, I have also added a comment to each style item which states what it is and what it does. 

The rest of the features on the Right-Click Menu are intended to be added to an already existing tag to modify it.  They are added in a slightly different manner than the style features of the Right-Click menu.

To add these items to an existing tag, position the cursor (by clicking) just before the ending > of the tag in question and press Space once to create room for the new attribute. Then Right-Click and pick the appropriate item off the menu. Once you have used this method once or twice, I’m sure you will find it an easy and powerful way to customize the various tags in Arachnophilia.

The Right-Click menu is divided into a five sub-sections.

First is the Background section.  The background section contains only one option:

Background Image

This option should be added to the <body> tag of your HTML document.

Second, we find the Style section.  This section allows you to easily setup various style options that will govern the placement and layout of your images and text.  It contains the following ten options:

Background Colour
Border (Left)
Border (Top)
Border (Right)
Custom Position
No Repeat
Margin (Left)
Margin (Top)
Margin (Right)

All of these options are intended to be added to the document's Style section as well.

The third section is the Font Section.  This section contains five commands that allow you to predefine the font and alignment that your stationery will display in.

Default Font

Again, these items should be added to the Document's Style section.

Fourth is the Marquee Section.  These commands allow you to quickly and easily modify the basic marquee set up by the Marquee button.  It contains the following seven options:

Marquee Left
Marquee Right
Marquee Up
Marquee Down

These options are intended to be added to the <marquee> tag.

Finally, we have the Position section.  This option gives you fine control over the placement of items in your stationery:

Absolute Position

This is intended to be added to to a pre-existing tag tag.