Starts Arachnophilia’s built in Table creation wizard

How to use it: This button starts Arachnophilia’s built in Table Wizard to assist you in creating and adding tables to your document. The features of the Table Wizard are fairly self-explanatory.

If you select some data in your document, launch Table Wizard and choose a table size of one row by one column, your document selection will be placed in the data cell. This is a very easy way to enclose a text block or graphic. Please note that if you use this option to put existing code into a table, be sure to turn off the Placeholder Data option.

Please also read the Section on Table Backgrounds for more information on using tables.

Please note:  The internal code for the table wizard has changed in recent versions of Arachnophilia.  If clicking the Table button does not appear to do anything, please download a newer version of Arach.