Tag Colouring:

This option will cause your HTML to be automatically "coloured" in the Arach window:

<!-- This stationery Created with:
/* Sven's Custom Arachnophilia Toolbars ver 3.0

- create stunning stationery at the click of a button -


body {
background-color: #ffffff /* This sets the Background Colour for your stationery */


<body BACKGROUND="Graphics/background.gif">
<MARQUEE style="
color: #808080" scrolldelay="100" width="100%" loop="-1">stuff</MARQUEE>


This is a convenience only.  Although it can make your HTML easier to read and can make errors easier to spot, using this feature can also slow the program down considerably - especially on an older machine and if the Instant View mode is used.

You can disable this feature or change the colours used via the Tools | Options | Tag Colouring dialog.