Right-Click Replacements:

Built into Arachnophilia is a "smart" right-click menu. To further explain this feature, I have copied the following section from the Arachnophilia help:

When you are editing text, you may press the right mouse button to gain access to some special functions and a shortcut menu. Here is how:

To let Arachnophilia choose the appropriate action, simply place the editing cursor at the desired location, without selecting anything, and press the right mouse button. At this point, the Rick-Click Wizard will choose the appropriate action. If Arachnophilia finds itself pointing at a color definition, the color dialog will appear. If Arachnophilia detects a file name, a link, a resource, or one of many other things, the appropriate dialog box will appear, allowing you to make a new choice.

Example:  if you position the cursor this way (the cursor is marked with the vertical bar character '|'):

This is a <Font Color=#FFF|F80>Color Block</Font> to emphasize it.

Arachnophilia will detect the color definition and display the color dialog box. If you point at this:

<IMG src="bookcase.j|pg" alt="">

Arachnophilia will open a "Change Graphic Image" dialog box, directed to the most recently accessed graphic file directory. In general, if you place the cursor on a color or a resource specifier string, Arachnophilia will automatically sort out your intentions.

If Arachnophilia cannot detect any of these things, or if you select some characters before pressing the right mouse button, a shortcut menu will appear

In other words, you can use this smart right-click feature to accomplish many things.   If you right-click on any of the various toolbars, you are given the opportunity to turn all the various toolbars (and the statusbar) on or off.

If you right click in the main window when there are no files open, you'll be given the chance to open or create new files in the formats that Arach supports.

When a file is open, right-clicking or selecting then right-clicking will bring up the custom Right-Click menu that I wrote.

Positioning the cursor, then right-clicking within the code of a colour definition will allow you to choose another colour.

You can also position the cursor within a filename of a graphic or sound you've inserted.  Right clicking then will give you the opportunity to choose another graphic or sound.  When using this, remember that Arachnophilia seems to have trouble sorting out Long Filenames, be sure to position the cursor to the right of any spaces in such a filename.  The best idea is to position the cursor within the extension part of the filename, for example, within the .jpg or the .gif.

There is one type of file inserted by my toolbars that you can't use this right-click option on.  The .eot file used by the font embedding script is not recognized by Arach.  In fact, we sort of have to trick Arach to insert that in the first place, but you'll read about that later...