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Welcome to my Troubleshooter.  This is a work in progress - I expect to add to it as time goes on.  If the information you're looking for isn't here - tell me about it, so I can work on adding it in.  When it's finished I'd like the trouble shooter to contain info on Outlook Express, Stationery, Arachnophilia, FrontPage, Paint Shop Pro, et cetera.   Anything pertaining to my site, Outlook Express or related programs is acceptible. So get those suggestions to me. You may use the Send me a Suggestion option in each topic area of the troubleshooter.

Select the difficulty you are experiencing then click the "Start Troubleshooter" button

Troubleshooter by: sven

So, you'd like to use this utility on your own site would you?   That's fine by me - I've even created a special version of it just for this purpose.  Click here to download it. 

This "licensed" version of the troubleshooter is slightly different than the version featured here.  Obviously it doesn't contain the tight integration with the rest of my site, and certain topics which are unique to this web site have been removed from it - other wise it is fully functional.

You're free to use it as you see fit, though please maintain the credit and the link to me that I have placed in the file.  This isn't because I'm an ego maniac who demands to be credited for it (well, not entirely anyway <g>), but this way if visitors to your site have comments or questions about it, they can contact me directly.

If you'd like to just use the basic concept and have it provide different information - that's fine also, though please retain the credit in the script itself as I have worked hard on this.  For a small fee, I'd even be willing to re-write it for you to provide the information you require.  Finally if you're using this to supplement the documentation of a piece of commercial software, a copy of that software would not be unwelcome.

One final thing to keep in mind - the "guts" of this are written in VBScript, so if your site attracts many visitors using Netscape, they'll be out of luck.  I do have a JavaScript version under development - if I perceive enough demand, perhaps I'll finish that off someday.

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