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From this page you can access all the items I have available for download through my site:

Download Wizard
About the files:

    Custom Arachnophilia Toolbars Version 3.02
    Link to Arachnophilia itself
    Custom FrontPage Add-ons Version 1.0
    Custom FrontPage Express Add-ons Version 1.0

    EOT files for font embedding
    Troubleshooter & Colour Preview

    Pre-made Stationery


Download Wizard:


Stationery Previews:

A note about the stationery previews:  For each stationery set I have created thumbnail images to provide a preview of all the stationery in the set.  Due to the size of the images involved, the previews necessarily do not provide high quality representations of the stationery and some may be distorted a bit from the original.  In the previews I have attempted to display the main image of each stationery - secondary images, and of course any sounds or animation are not present in the previews.


About the files:


Toolbars Version 3.02

As you no doubt are aware, I've written a bunch of custom toolbars and macros for an HTML editor called Arachnophilia.  These toolbars make creating your own stationery much easier.   If you need more information you can find it at my Arach Toolbars page. As well, the instructions have been updated and rewritten and are now included in the same file as the toolbars themselves - no more downloading them separately.   To read the instruction offline just go to Start | Programs and look for the "sven" group.  If you want to look before you leap, you can also read the instructions online

This is release version 3.02 - it includes fixes for a couple of small bugs which were present in the final release of version 3 as well as some small corrections to the instructions.  To Install, simply download, unzip and run "Arach Toolbar Setup.exe"

    Download my Toolbars now. (713K)   

new1.gif (116 bytes) Get the 3.03 patch to get the OE4/OE5 compatible scroll script and a few other improvements.  Installation instructions in the readme.


Download Arachnophilia

My toolbars require that you have Arachnophilia installed.  If you need to download Arach, here's the link to the Author's page: http://www.arachnoid.com/arachnophilia/.  I'd suggest getting the "Full" version to ensure that you have all the correct system files.

Please note:  I did not create Arachnophilia itself - I just saw the potential of the program and created these add-on toolbars.

FrontPage 98:

FrontPage Add-ons version 1.0

What I previously did for Arach, I have now done for FrontPage.  These add-ons expand on FrontPage by creating a new "Stationery" menu - the commands of which inserts several of the common scripts and effects used in stationery which were previously unavailable in FrontPage. 

These add-ons work with FrontPage version 2.0 and greater  (FP98, FP2000, possibly FP97 - but not FrontPage Express).  To install, simply download, unzip and run "Fp Setup.exe"

    Download the FrontPage add-ons now. (244K)   

new1.gif (116 bytes) Get the Patch to get the OE4/OE5 compatible scroll script.  Installation instructions in the readme.

FrontPage Express:

FrontPage Express Add-ons version 1.0

For a long time I didn't think there was any way to expand on FPE.  What I wanted to do just wasn't possible.  So I decided to stop bemoaning the impossible and focus on the possible.  Thus you can now download and use my add-ons for FPE.  While not toolbars per se - this package will give you many of the scripts most commonly used in stationery formatted to be easily inserted into your document and extremely easy to manipulate.  This should make your FrontPage Express Stationery creation experience much easier.  To install, simply download, unzip and run "FPE Setup.exe"

    Download the FrontPage Express add-ons now. (240K)   

new1.gif (116 bytes) Get the Patch to get the OE4/OE5 compatible scroll script.  Installation instructions in the readme.


EOT Files:

In order to embed fonts into stationery in Outlook Express, the font files first need to be converted to a special format.  As this is a somewhat involved process I have provided a collection of EOT files here to get you started.  All the EOT files available here were created from fonts which allow installable embedding.

Please note:  Embedding a font is not the same as simply specifying a default font to use in the stationery.  Please consult the font pages in the FAQ section for further details.

    Download the EOT files now.  (170K)

new1.gif (116 bytes) Get the 2nd set of EOT files. (184K)


TroubleShooter & Colour Preview:

These two utilities have proven to be quite popular.  Due to a surprising number of requests I have made a special version of each which you may use to put on your own site.

Please Note: These downloadable versions of the utilities are not exactly the same as those on my site.

    Download the Troubleshooter now. (9K)
    Download the
Colour Preview now. (7K)



Each stationery set available contains approximately 10 pieces of stationery.  Many (but not all) also include a button you can use to link to your email address (some even contain an embedded sound and/or font). 

To use these Stationery packs, simply download them then unzip them into your Stationery folder (or a sub-folder if you prefer).  Then in Outlook Express, click the small arrow next to the Compose Message button and pick "More Stationery".  Navigate to your folder (if necessary) then pick one.

Please note: the content of the stationery is the responsibility of the creators - I merely provide a space for it.  Some images may not be suitable for all audiences. You may download this stationery for your personal use - the only rules are don't claim it as your own, and don't try to make money off it.

That's all I have here at the moment. If you would like to see your creations featured here - Send them to me - I can't offer what I don't have.   To send stationery to me, simply zip up 10 or so stationery files complete with their accompanying image and/or sound files. Then mail them to me at sven@earthling.net. I will create the previews and upload your stationery for all to enjoy.

    Download the stationery now.  (size varies)

How to use this stationery:

Download it, then unzip it somewhere.  You may wish to create a sub-folder to your main Stationery folder and keep it there.  That way they are easy to access.  Then in Outlook Express, click the small arrow next to the Compose message button (or Compose | New message using).  Pick More Stationery towards the bottom of the list.  Now navigate to the folder where you saved it (now I bet you wished you put it in a sub-folder of your stationery folder <g>).  Finally, pick the stationery you want to use and click Okay.

If you do not have an unzip utility, you may download a trial version of winzip at: http://www.winzip.com.

Please note all the embedded items such as sounds and/or fonts in the stationery above is done in Outlook Express 4 format. 


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